Living the Sermon on the Mount

The Whole Bible in One Verse

Most people own a Bible, and many people even believe it is inspired by God, yet very few have actually read it.  And if you haven’t read it, then there’s no way you can truly understand who God is and how to worship Him. Discover one verse that sums up the entire Bible… 4 reasons to believe God exists… The meaning of God’s love… 4 facts to help you understand Jesus… What it means to “believe in Jesus”… And much…

The Best Way To Live

We all want to live life to the fullest, but with so many different opinions about how to do that, how do you know which path to take?  Enter Jesus.  Jesus wraps up His most important sermon by saying that His way to live is the best way.  Discover two powerful benefits of following Jesus… The definition of wisdom and where to get it… The difference between wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence… Why you need endurance… How to get it… The…

How To Recognize A False Prophet

This sermon is more important than you might realize.  False prophets are out there, and they can mess you up!  Discover 5 facts about false prophets… Why false prophets are so crafty… What makes them so dangerous?… 2 ways to recognize them… The traits of a man of God… How to recognize good preaching… Why false prophets should be terrified… How to make sure you don’t get deceived… And much more!

Why Follow Jesus?

Discover the dominant religion in our culture… And what it teaches… The highest virtue in our society… And why it isn’t very virtuous… Why you cannot be a follower of Jesus AND be politically correct at the same time… The truth about hell… When does eternal life begin?… Why follow Jesus if the road is difficult and unpopular?… And much more!

How To Treat People Right

It’s hard to know how to treat people.  The Bible has some clear cut rules, but life is filled with many situations that the Bible doesn’t specifically address.  The Bible offers general principles, but how do you know how to live those principles out in specific, real-life situations — at home, at church, at work, at school?  Jesus answered this question in one simple statement that is known as The Golden Rule.  Discover the origin of The Golden Rule… What…

The Answer To Unanswered Prayer

I’m sure you’ve experienced the challenge of unanswered prayer; you’ve prayed for thing and didn’t get what you wanted.  This is an important issue because if you’re not equipped to view unanswered prayer with the right perspective, your spiritual life will take a hit and you might even run from God.  Discover 4 reasons for unanswered prayer… 2 reasons God wants you to be persistent in your prayers… 2 reasons God’s answer to your request might be to wait… 4…

Should Christians Pass Judgment?

If ever you want to get your unbelieving friends to quote the Bible, just say that you believe a certain behavior is sinful or morally wrong.  There’s one verse everyone seems to know.  Seriously, should Christians pass judgment?…  How do you handle it when you believe a friend is living in sin; do you approach them or remain silent and mind your own business?…  Is it okay to believe that certain behaviors are morally wrong, and is it okay to…

How To Wrestle With Worry And Win

Find out why we worry… The definition of worry from a biblical perspective… 5 reasons not to worry… Why worry is a sin… 3 promises in the Bible that you need to remember EVERY day… Especially if you tend to be a worrier… A key to overcoming worry… And much more!

How To Multiply Your Money

You can make as much money as possible and hoard it.  Or you can spend it on selfish pleasures.  Or you can choose option number 3, which is what this sermon is about.  In Matthew 6:19-24, Jesus teaches a way to invest your money and possessions now in order to store up eternal riches in heaven — riches that will be far greater and will never run out!  Find out what it means to store up treasures in heaven… What…

Understanding The Lord’s Prayer

Have you ever recited The Lord’s Prayer?  I’m sure you have; it’s one of the most well-known passages of Scripture in the Bible.  It’s also widely misunderstood.  But Jesus gave it to us for a reason.  Discover how often you should recite The Lord’s Prayer… The six requests in The Lord’s Prayer… And the meaning of each one… How you should address God when you speak to Him… What it means to hallow God’s name… What it means for God’s…

Prayer University

6 ways to excel in prayer… 4 Keys to an effective prayer life… How to make sure you pray as much as you should… A secret about your pastor that might cause you to lose respect for him… The true meaning of prayer… The four primary elements of prayer… The purpose of prayer… The secret to focused prayer… And much more!

How To Respond To Your Enemies

Somewhere along the way you have been mistreated by somebody.  You have experienced evil at the hands of others.  This Sunday we’re going to learn from Jesus how to to respond to the enemies in our life.  Discover what it means to turn the other cheek and go the extra mile… How to handle it when somebody insults you… What to do when you are a victim of prejudice… How to live in a sue-happy nation… 3 incentives to love…
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