The Ten Commandments

The Tenth Commandment – Part 2

Discover 7 dangers of covetousness… 7 ways to detect covetousness in your life… 4 ways to cure covetousness… The meaning of contentment and how to cultivate it… And much more! Resources: Discussion Guide Sermon Manuscript Worship Guide

The Tenth Commandment – Part 1

Discover 3 ways people commit the sin of covetousness… 4 ways the tenth commandment is unique… 5 lessons the tenth commandment teaches us… The positive aspect of the tenth commandment… And much more! Resources: Discussion Guide Sermon Manuscript Worship Guide

The Ninth Commandment

Discover ten ways people break the ninth commandment… 6 reasons to avoid breaking the ninth commandment… The cure for lying… And much more! Resources: Discussion Guide Sermon Manuscript Worship Guide

The Eighth Commandment

Discover 4 big ideas about money implied by the eighth commandment…  Why stealing is wrong… 16 common forms of theft… The opposite of theft… 7 prescriptions to cure ourselves of theft… And much more! Resources: Worship Guide Sermon Manuscript

The Seventh Commandment – Part 2

Last Sunday we began a three-week study on the seventh commandment — “Do not commit adultery.” Why spend so much time on this commandment? Because we live in a sex-crazed, sex-obsessed, and sex-confused culture. And the more that a culture departs from God’s will on sexual morality, the more that culture will self-destruct. We already looked at sixteen ways that people violate the seventh commandment; this week will will look at sixteen reasons to avoid breaking the seventh commandment. Resources:…

The Seventh Commandment

We live in a sex-crazed, sex-obsessed culture, and sex-confused culture. Discover God’s standard for sexual morality, and sixteen ways people violate the seventh commandment. Resources: Discussion Guide Sermon Manuscript Worship Guide

The Sixth Commandment

The sixth commandment may be the most interesting of all. The first person ever to be born on earth committed murder. The three most popular heroes in the Bible were guilty of murder – Moses, David, and Paul. Murder is the best-known command. Murder is the one command that everyone agrees with. God used the sin of murder to redeem the human race. Murder is the one sin that probably nobody in our church has violated. At the same time,…

The Fifth Commandment – Part 2

There are two parts to the fifth commandment. First, children are commanded to honor their parents. Second, parents are commanded to not make it difficult for their children to honor them. Exasperating and stirring up anger in your children is just as big a sin as dishonoring one’s parents. In this sermon discover nine motivations for honoring your parents… 6 ways to make it easier for your kids to honor you… And much more! Resources: Discussion Guide Sermon Manuscript Worship…

The Fifth Commandment

Discover eight insights about the fifth commandment… 10 ways to honor your parents… And much more! Resources: Discussion Guide Sermon Manuscript Worship Guide

The Fourth Commandment

The fourth commandment is the most controversial commandment. It is the only commandment not affirmed in the New Testament. Is the Sabbath still binding on Christians today? Is the Sabbath on Saturday or Sunday? What activities are allowed on the Sabbath? How does the Sabbath apply to us today? Discover what the Sabbath meant for Israel… What it means for us today… 3 views of the Sabbath… 3 lessons the Sabbath teaches us today… And much more. Resources: Sermon Manuscript…

The Third Commandment

We all desire respect. And when we don’t get it, we feel violated. When people treat us like we are worthless and unimportant, we feel moral outrage. Every human being deserves respect, because they are made in the image of God. But if human beings deserve respect, then the Creator of mankind deserves respect infinitely more. God is the creator and ruler of the universe, and He deserves our utmost respect. And one of the most important ways to show…
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