Sermons by Andy Manning (Page 36)

Overcome Grumbling

This Sunday’s sermon is straight from the heart.  In other words, I’m going to teach you what God has been teaching me lately about the subject of grumbling.  No, I’m not talking about the kind of grumbling that you get after eating at Popeye’s.  This sermon will change your life as it is changing mine, and it could very well change our church forever.  You’ll discover a sin that just about everybody commits a hundred times a week without knowing…

How to Make the Maximum Impact

Find the only chapter in the Bible where Jesus told 3 different parables with the same meaning… And what they mean… What matters most to God, and why that matters… The definition of evangelism… Three essentials to make a big difference for God… The meaning of this cool formula: HP + CP + CC = MI… And why it can totally change your view of evangelism… 3 ways to attract people to Jesus… And much more!

How to Please God

Discover the meaning of all the rules in the Old Testament… The three parts of the law… How Jesus fulfilled the purposes of the law… And what that means for you in the 21st century… Which parts of the law you don’t have to obey… And why… How you can be more righteous than a Pharisee… How to interpret the Old Testament… Where to begin reading the Bible if you are a new believer… And much more!

When Anger Arises

Find out why anger is such a serious problem… 3 actions to take to deal with anger… Why anger is just as bad as murder… 3 ways to tell the difference between sinful and righteous anger… 4 facts about biblical forgiveness… How to watch your words… What to do when people are angry with you… And much, much more!

Leaving Lust in the Dust

What is lust?…  10 tips for guarding your marriage against an adulterous affair…  Where God draws the line regarding moral and immoral sexual activity… How marriage protects us from the destructive power of sex… Why lust is not as harmless as our culture would lead you to believe… 3 practical techniques for overcoming lust… And much more!