Sermons on Adversity (Page 2)

Helping the Persecuted

It’s hard to believe, but we are living in a time when helping the persecuted isn’t merely about sending our money overseas.  Christians are now facing persecution in our own country.  What should we do when someone in our church faces persecution?  How should we react?  This sermon will provide the insight and inspiration we need to prepare ourselves for what seems like the inevitable.

Put Your Neck on the Line For the Gospel

Discover why most Christians never experience what it’s like to be used by God in a powerful way… The three hazards of serving God… What you must do if you want to be used by God… Three ways to dedicate yourself to the propagation of the Gospel… and much more.

Avoiding Evangelistic Discouragement

Every Christian is called to be a witness for Christ.  But evangelism can be discouraging, especially when so many of our attempts fall short.  But we must not give up! Listen to discover the root cause of evangelism discouragement, and the solution.  If you need a shot in the arm to revive your passion for evangelism, don’t miss this message.

Facing the Impossible

One thing that Christians and non-Christians have in common is adversity.  We all face impossible situations, tasks, challenges, and responsibilities at times.  But the way we respond is different — much different. Listen to discover why God allows Christians to go through impossible situations, and six ways we need to respond so that God can get the most good out of our struggles.

How to Have Peace in the Storms

Jesus wants you to have peace — the feeling of inner-comfort, even when life is hard and the future is uncertain. But that is easier said than done. Most of us have experienced intense fear, worry, and anxiety when facing storms. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This sermon takes an in-depth look at the story of Jesus calming the storm, and we will discover how to have peace in the storms of life.

How to Avoid Backsliding — Part 2

To avoid backsliding we must be ready for adversity.  Trouble is unavoidable.  But it can either make you better or bitter.  Many fall away from God and church because they have an unbiblical view of suffering.  Discover 6 things you need to know to be ready for adversity and avoid backsliding.

Do Good Anyway

Doing good is not always easy.  In fact, good deeds often attract bad attention.  Sometimes we will have to face persecution.  In this message we will study a story about Jesus and learn how to stay faithful and do good anyway, even if it means suffering.

Adversity And Prosperity

If you are a serious follower of Jesus, then two things are true about you:  First, you want to serve God in a significant way.  Second, you don’t like pain.  The problem is that seeking and serving Christ often leads to a place of pain and hardship.  Discover how to seek and serve the Lord without allowing your desire for pain-avoidance to interfere… Why worldly prosperity is not a good indicator of spiritual growth… Why your definition of success is…
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