Sermons on Character

Becoming a Great Servant

Discover how to be great in God’s eyes… An easy-to-understand definition of servanthood… 3 statements to help you become a great servant… The essence of Christlike character… And an simple exercise to help you better serve the people in your life. BECOMING A GREAT SERVANT Mark 9:30-37 By Andy Manning The title of this sermon is “Becoming a Great Servant.” If you are a Christian, then I know something about you. You want to be a great Christian. You want…

The Qualities of a Real Man

There is much confusion about manhood. Should a man hold the door for a lady? Pay for his date’s meal? Be a one-woman man? Take his kids to the ball game, or to church? Should a man be the sole provider of his family, or is it okay to be a stay-at-home dad? Should a man avoid marriage and children as long as possible, or embrace them as gifts of God? What is true strength? What is true masculinity? Our…

Growing in Love

The definition of love… Three Greek words for love… How agape love is different than the world’s definition of love… Twelve biblical principles of love… Why love?… Who to love… What to love… How to love… And much more!

Growing in Brotherly Affection

The Bible commands us to love everyone — even our enemies. But it also commands us to show special love to certain people — parents, children, and spouse, for example. But that’s not all. There’s another group of people that God wants us to love in a special way — Fellow believers. The Bible calls this virtue “brotherly affection,” or philadelphia. In this sermon discover the meaning of brotherly affection… 10 reasons why we should show special love to other…

How to Stay Close to God

Learn the key to spiritual growth… 3 ways to stay close to God… The biggest obstacle to spiritual disciplines… 2 unrealistic expectations that people have about spiritual growth… And much more.

Loving God

Discover what it truly means to love God, and how to do it in your daily life.

How to Serve Christ at Work

We’re called to serve Christ 24/7, representing and glorifying Him in all we say and do.  And since we spend so much of our time at work, it’s essential that we learn how to serve Christ at work.

Serving God in Your Youth

Our society is confused about youth.  It places a high value on children, but it doesn’t respect children.  It values children for the contribution they will make in the future, but it doesn’t respect young people for the contribution they can make today.  Sadly that mindset has crept into the church. But God has a different perspective on youth.  He wants young people to serve Him right now, not some time in the future.  Discover several young heroes of the…
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