Sermons on Church Health

Can We All Get Along?

Discover five reasons we need to talk about unity… The definition of unity… And five ways to promote and protect the unity of the church. Resources:   Discussion Guide Sermon Manuscript

Why You Need a Pastor

Discover the duties and responsibilities of a pastor so you can know how to encourage, pray, and hold your pastor accountable.   Sermon Resources: Worship Guide Discussion Guide

The Four Laws of Unity

Discover the four laws of unity that will empower us to get along and work together to accomplish the mission of the church.

How to Treat People In the Church

We live in a very selfish society.  Most people only think of themselves.  But the Bible has called Christians to love their neighbor, and to live in community in the context of the local church.  But for the church to be healthy and function effectively, there’s a certain way we need to treat one another. Listen to the study of 1 Timothy 5 as Pastor Andy unpacks three principles about the way to treat people in the church.

Serving God in Your Youth

Our society is confused about youth.  It places a high value on children, but it doesn’t respect children.  It values children for the contribution they will make in the future, but it doesn’t respect young people for the contribution they can make today.  Sadly that mindset has crept into the church. But God has a different perspective on youth.  He wants young people to serve Him right now, not some time in the future.  Discover several young heroes of the…

Church Health: What is our vision?

God hasn’t called us to do life alone, isolated from others; He has called us to be a part of His church.  That’s why it’s important on occasion to discuss what we need to do to be a healthy church, fully glorifying to God.  To be healthy, we need to be clear on our vision.  But what is our vision as a church?  Discover the problem that God has called our church to solve… And why we absolutely have to…

More Groups, Less Isolation

It’s been said that no man is an island.  That’s true for the Christian life as well.  God has called us to be a part of the church, and He wants us to be a healthy church.  But what does it take to be a healthy church?  Discover the devil’s strategy to take you down… The key to overcoming his schemes… What the first Christians were devoted to… And why we need to have the same devotion… Why Home Groups…