Sermons on Church

Can We All Get Along?

Discover five reasons we need to talk about unity… The definition of unity… And five ways to promote and protect the unity of the church. Resources:   Discussion Guide Sermon Manuscript

Body Building

We all know that the church isn’t perfect — no church is. It is filled with imperfect people who get on our nerves, hurt our feelings, and let us down. Along with that, church involvement takes up time, energy, and money. So is the church really worth it? Do we really need the church? Discover 5 reasons to join in building the church… The 5 purposes of the church… 9 ways to promote the growth of the church… And much…

Why You Need The Church

Why go to church? Is church even necessary, or can you just stay home and live a successful Christian life? What are we supposed to get out of church? Learn why you (we) need the church, and the two things you have to do to get it. Resources: Discussion Guide Sermon Manuscript

Why You Need a Pastor

Discover the duties and responsibilities of a pastor so you can know how to encourage, pray, and hold your pastor accountable.   Sermon Resources: Worship Guide Discussion Guide

The Four Laws of Unity

Discover the four laws of unity that will empower us to get along and work together to accomplish the mission of the church.

How to Treat People In the Church

We live in a very selfish society.  Most people only think of themselves.  But the Bible has called Christians to love their neighbor, and to live in community in the context of the local church.  But for the church to be healthy and function effectively, there’s a certain way we need to treat one another. Listen to the study of 1 Timothy 5 as Pastor Andy unpacks three principles about the way to treat people in the church.

The High Priority of the Church

Let’s be honest.  We live in an uncommitted culture.  Most people aren’t committed to their own health, much less the health of the church.  Most people only have one priority — themselves.  But followers of Jesus have been called to a different set of values.  And one of those values is the church.  Discover 5 reasons the church should be a high priority in your life— 4 commands that can only be obeyed if you are involved in church… The…
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