Sermons on Commitment

Christlike Passion

Understand the story of Jesus cleaning the temple… What Jesus was passionate about… How to have Christlike passion… And much more!

A Warning From Jesus

A warning is something that we give to the people we love to protect them from danger.  This sermon looks at a verse in which Jesus gives us two warnings.  He said, “Watch out!  Beware!” When the all-knowing, all-loving Savior warns us twice in one sentence, we better listen.

Loving God

Discover what it truly means to love God, and how to do it in your daily life.

Put Your Neck on the Line For the Gospel

Discover why most Christians never experience what it’s like to be used by God in a powerful way… The three hazards of serving God… What you must do if you want to be used by God… Three ways to dedicate yourself to the propagation of the Gospel… and much more.

Beware of Money

Five signs to help you tell if money is blocking you from God’s plan, and some steps to overcome the obstacle of money.  Remember.  God owns it all.  We just have to learn how to be faithful stewards of His resources.

Serving God in Your Youth

Our society is confused about youth.  It places a high value on children, but it doesn’t respect children.  It values children for the contribution they will make in the future, but it doesn’t respect young people for the contribution they can make today.  Sadly that mindset has crept into the church. But God has a different perspective on youth.  He wants young people to serve Him right now, not some time in the future.  Discover several young heroes of the…
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