Sermons on Essential Sermons

Understanding the Lord’s Supper

Learn three facts about the Lord’s Supper… Four main views of the Lord’s Supper… And five principles about the meaning of the Lord’s Supper.   Resources: Discussion Guide Worship Guide

Becoming a Great Servant

Discover how to be great in God’s eyes… An easy-to-understand definition of servanthood… 3 statements to help you become a great servant… The essence of Christlike character… And an simple exercise to help you better serve the people in your life.

How to Stay Close to God

Learn the key to spiritual growth… 3 ways to stay close to God… The biggest obstacle to spiritual disciplines… 2 unrealistic expectations that people have about spiritual growth… And much more.

Defending Creation

Discover the difference between creation and evolution… Two reasons why we must defend creation… Six reasons why evolution is not true… And much more!

Defending the Resurrection

Discover three reasons to believe in the resurrection… Why defending the resurrection is such a powerful witnessing tool… And much more!

Hold On To Truth

God has a purpose for each of us individually, and for us as a church, and the only way that we can fulfill that purpose is if we hold on to the truth.  But the truth is not easy to hold on to, especially when the culture around us is trying its hardest to rip it from our hands. Listen to take a look at seven truths to hold on to… Seven truths that our culture refuses to tolerate.

Absolutely Sure

Discover whether or not you can know for sure… Why people doubt their salvation… 3 false beliefs that prevent assurance… How to know for sure that you are saved… How to test the authenticity of your salvation… And much more!
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