Sermons on Gospel

Absolutely Sure

Discover whether or not you can know for sure… Why people doubt their salvation… 3 false beliefs that prevent assurance… How to know for sure that you are saved… How to test the authenticity of your salvation… And much more!

Why Do People Sin?

Discover a new definition of sin… 3 kinds of laws in the Old Testament… The source of sin… The solution to sin… Why unbelievers sin… And much more!

Put Your Neck on the Line For the Gospel

Discover why most Christians never experience what it’s like to be used by God in a powerful way… The three hazards of serving God… What you must do if you want to be used by God… Three ways to dedicate yourself to the propagation of the Gospel… and much more.

A Case Against Unconditional Election

Ideas have consequences, and if you believe the wrong thing about God, it will lead to wrong behavior.  Many Christians hold a belief about salvation that is harmful to their relationship with God and with other people.  This belief is called Unconditional Election, and it is part of a larger system of theology called Calvinism. This Sunday discover the meaning of Unconditional Election… The Five Points of Calvinism… The difference between Calvinism and Arminianism… The danger of Unconditional Election… Does…

Help Your Kids Get The Gospel

Discover Church Acadiana’s unique and powerful strategy to reach the next generation… The aprent’s role in that strategy… Why parents are more valuable than our culture believes… 4 words you can use to teach your kids the gospel… The difference between grace and mercy… How to teach your kids what it means to “believe” in Jesus… How to tell if your kids have “caught” the gospel… And much more!

Do You Know The Way To Heaven?

Do you know the way to heaven?  Discover the most important question… And the right answer… Why it’s possible to believe in Jesus but still go to hell… How to tell with 99.99% certainty whether or not you are going to heaven… And much more! Listen to the sermon, or click HERE to read the article.