Sermons on Happiness

The Key to Pleasing God

Discover the key to pleasing God… What doesn’t please God… How to know if your rituals and traditions are effective… What God doesn’t care about… The only thing that really matters to God… And much more.

The Right Use of Creation

The question before us is how do we glorify God through the physical pleasures of His creation?  Historically, Christians have made two mistakes:  Creation worship, and creation rejection.  Some seek happiness and fulfillment through creation, and some believe that the only way to please God is to reject any form of physical pleasure.  This sermon studies a Biblical response to both of these errors and discovers a third option that will lead to our joy and God’s glory.

3 Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Spiritual Life

The quality of your life is entirely dependent upon the quality of your relationship with God.  There’s no doubt about it.  But there are 3 common mistakes that Christians make that hurt their walk with Christ, and therefore decrease their quality of life. Discover those three mistakes… Why Jesus isn’t in the insurance business… Why God wants you to grow… Why Jesus doesn’t want to “just be friends”… 6 Ways every Christian is called to serve God… 3 prayers you…

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Blessed are those who mourn?  Really?  How can the sad be happy?  In this message you will discover the true power of godly sorrow; the difference between godly sorrow and the sorrow that leads to death; what Judas did right; how to overcome a hard heart; and how mourning can lead to joy and a blessed life.