Sermons on Leadership

How to Treat People In the Church

We live in a very selfish society.  Most people only think of themselves.  But the Bible has called Christians to love their neighbor, and to live in community in the context of the local church.  But for the church to be healthy and function effectively, there’s a certain way we need to treat one another. Listen to the study of 1 Timothy 5 as Pastor Andy unpacks three principles about the way to treat people in the church.

The Leadership Code (Part 2)

In the previous sermon we studied why character is the most important leadership qualification.  In this sermon we look at the leadership code found in 1 Timothy 3 — the 15 character qualities of a good leader.  Everything rises and falls on leadership… in the home, the church, the school, business, and politics.

The Leadership Code — Part 1

It’s no secret that everything rises and falls on leadership.  So how do we identify good leaders, and how do we become good leaders — at home, at church, at work, in the community?  One thing is certain:  It doesn’t take character to achieve big results.  Discover 4 reasons character is so essential to leadership… The most important leadership qualification… 15 qualities every leader needs to develop… The best definition of leadership… The leader’s priority… And much more!