Sermons on Obedience

Christlike Passion

Understand the story of Jesus cleaning the temple… What Jesus was passionate about… How to have Christlike passion… And much more!

Beware of Money

The obstacle of money is not a rich-person problem; it’s a problem that has the potential to destroy all of us.  Listen to the story of “The Rich Young Ruler” and learn how to overcome the obstacle of money.

The Seriousness of Sin

Discover three reasons why some Christians do not take sin seriously… Three reasons we should get serious about sin… And 3 insights about hell.

Absolutely Sure

Discover whether or not you can know for sure… Why people doubt their salvation… 3 false beliefs that prevent assurance… How to know for sure that you are saved… How to test the authenticity of your salvation… And much more!

Loving God

Discover what it truly means to love God, and how to do it in your daily life.

The Key to Pleasing God

Discover the key to pleasing God… What doesn’t please God… How to know if your rituals and traditions are effective… What God doesn’t care about… The only thing that really matters to God… And much more.
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