Sermons on Sex

Stand Firm Against Sexual Liberation

Times have sure changed. What used to be bad is now good, and what used to be good is now bad. Take everything you thought you knew about sex and gender and throw it out the window. There are no more rules, no more standards, and no more morals. Anything goes. The only thing that’s not allowed is the traditional Christian view of sex and gender. How can we stand firm on God’s word in this strange new world of…

The Seventh Commandment – Part 2

Last Sunday we began a three-week study on the seventh commandment — “Do not commit adultery.” Why spend so much time on this commandment? Because we live in a sex-crazed, sex-obsessed, and sex-confused culture. And the more that a culture departs from God’s will on sexual morality, the more that culture will self-destruct. We already looked at sixteen ways that people violate the seventh commandment; this week will will look at sixteen reasons to avoid breaking the seventh commandment. Resources:…

The Seventh Commandment

We live in a sex-crazed, sex-obsessed culture, and sex-confused culture. Discover God’s standard for sexual morality, and sixteen ways people violate the seventh commandment. Resources: Discussion Guide Sermon Manuscript Worship Guide

Edged Out

When it comes to temptation and decision-making, we all look for loopholes.  When tempted, we look for excuses to tell ourselves yes when we should tell ourselves no.  We ask, “Is there anything wrong with this?  Is it illegal?  Will it hurt anyone?”  But it is a bad idea to assume that if something is not wrong, it is right.  Our decision-making filter shouldn’t be based on what’s permissible, but on what’s wise.  In no area is this more important…

Leaving Lust in the Dust

What is lust?…  10 tips for guarding your marriage against an adulterous affair…  Where God draws the line regarding moral and immoral sexual activity… How marriage protects us from the destructive power of sex… Why lust is not as harmless as our culture would lead you to believe… 3 practical techniques for overcoming lust… And much more!