Sermons on Singleness

How to Treat People In the Church

We live in a very selfish society.  Most people only think of themselves.  But the Bible has called Christians to love their neighbor, and to live in community in the context of the local church.  But for the church to be healthy and function effectively, there’s a certain way we need to treat one another. Listen to the study of 1 Timothy 5 as Pastor Andy unpacks three principles about the way to treat people in the church.

Preparing Your Child For Courtship

Please… if you are a parent, or a parent-to-be, or a grandparent, don’t miss this sermon!  And if you’re single, this message will help you, too!  Bottom line:  The world’s way of dating is foolish.  It robs people of their single years and opens the door to incredible temptation.  There is a better way.  I’ll teach you this Sunday.