Sermons on Spiritual Disciplines

Taking Care of Your Walk With God

What does the Bible say about taking care of yourself?… Why take care of yourself?… How to take care of your walk with God… The reasons for a daily quiet time… How to have a daily quiet time… And much more!

How to Stay Close to God

Learn the key to spiritual growth… 3 ways to stay close to God… The biggest obstacle to spiritual disciplines… 2 unrealistic expectations that people have about spiritual growth… And much more.

Loving God

Discover what it truly means to love God, and how to do it in your daily life.

Train Yourself to be Godly

Sadly, Christians are becoming more and more like the world.  This is causing two big problems.  We are failing to be the salt of the earth, preventing moral decay.  And we are failing to be the light of the world, helping people to see the truth about Christ. Discover the solution… 3 details about godliness… How to train for godliness… The benefits of godliness… And much more.

3 Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Spiritual Life

The quality of your life is entirely dependent upon the quality of your relationship with God.  There’s no doubt about it.  But there are 3 common mistakes that Christians make that hurt their walk with Christ, and therefore decrease their quality of life. Discover those three mistakes… Why Jesus isn’t in the insurance business… Why God wants you to grow… Why Jesus doesn’t want to “just be friends”… 6 Ways every Christian is called to serve God… 3 prayers you…

Why Can’t I Be Baptized?

That’s a question that was actually asked by someone in the Bible.  And it’s a great question, because baptism is an important step — the first step — of Christian obedience after you decide to follow Jesus.  Discover the Biblical definition of baptism… The proper mode of baptism… The power of baptism… The reason to get baptized… And much more!

Listen and Grow Spiritually

When you get saved you start out as a baby Christian, and God’s plan is to grow you up in spiritual maturity.  But how much you grow and how fast you grow depends on you.  There is something you have to do; a condition you must meet.  This is why some Christians grow fast make a big impact for God, and others seem stuck in spiritual adolescence.  Discover the key to spiritual growth… 2 reasons people stop growing… The two…

How to Avoid Backsliding – Part 3

This is the last of a 3 part study on backsliding.  So far we’ve learned that we have to be receptive to God’s word, ready for adversity, and this week we’ll learn that we have to be resolved to keep Jesus at the center of our lives.  Discover the three most common thorns that cause backsliding… And the solution… The five things you need to do to keep Jesus at the center of your life… And much more!