Sermons on Tithing

Why I Tithe

Discover Pastor Andy’s top ten reasons for tithing. Resources: Worship Guide Sermon Manuscript

Beware of Money

The obstacle of money is not a rich-person problem; it’s a problem that has the potential to destroy all of us.  Listen to the story of “The Rich Young Ruler” and learn how to overcome the obstacle of money.

Beware of Money

Five signs to help you tell if money is blocking you from God’s plan, and some steps to overcome the obstacle of money.  Remember.  God owns it all.  We just have to learn how to be faithful stewards of His resources.

Generosity Encouragement

God wants us to grow in generosity, but that doesn’t mean it is easy.  Being generous can be challenging for many reasons.  Discover 3 reasons God wants us to be generous… An unlikely example of radical generosity… 5 lessons on generosity… One thing to remember when you don’t have much to give… The kind of offering that God values… And much more!

How to Have a Great Financial Year

The key is Proverbs 3:9-10.  Discover what it means to honor God with your finances… 3 questions to help you determine if you worship God or money… 3 kinds of people that God does NOT bless… The difference between generosity and greed… 4 ways to be wise with your money… And much more!  Money is not God, but it sure does matter.  This sermon will help you grow as a fully developed steward of your resources.

6 Money Myths

Many Christians are acting dumb with their money when in fact we should be the wisest people in the world.  After all, we have the finest financial handbook in the history of the world — the Bible.  Why so much foolishness?  Money myths.  Many Christians have been duped into believing lies about money, and these lies are leading to poor stewardship.  Discover the Bible’s 3-fold plan for financial freedom… 6 money myths… Why the church MUST talk about money… And…

Why People Don’t Tithe

Most Christians don’t tithe.  Why is that?  Discover the top 5 reasons people don’t tithe… The basic facts about tithing… What to do if you forget to tithe… Why tithing isn’t just an Old Testament principle… How the church uses your tithes and offerings… What makes a healthy church?… How to increase your faith so that you can begin tithing right away… And much more!