This Sunday

This Sunday

Arminianism & Calvinism: Similarities and Differences This Sunday we’re going to wade into the deep end of the doctrinal pool and discuss the two opposing views of salvation — Arminianism and Calvinism. 

Both go back hundreds of years, and are named after theologians.  You already fall into one of these two camps, but do you know why?  Do you know what the Bible says about these issues?  And do you know why it matters? 

This Sunday we’re going to take a look at John 6:35-59, one of the important passages in this debate.  Together we will explore some of the similarities and differences between Arminianism and Calvinism.

Join us this Sunday at 10am for a powerful experience of worship and teaching. 

What to Expect on Sunday

No matter who you are, what you have done, or where you are on your spiritual journey, at Church Acadiana you will be accepted, encouraged, and equipped to be all that God created you to be. Church at the movie theater is awesome! Each Sunday you can expect …

• Hot coffee and refreshments! Free!

• Transformational Bible teaching that applies to your everyday life.

• Comfortable theater seating with arm rests and cup holders.

• Modern music that is upbeat and inspirational.

• Casual dress (just wear what’s comfortable).

• A welcoming, laid back atmosphere.

• The worship experience begins at 10 A.M. and lasts one hour.