Equipping Parents

Equipping Parents

Our vision at Church Acadiana is to equip parents to reach the next generation for Christ.

We want to see parents discipling their kids in the home.  Why?  First, because parents are commanded to do it (Eph 6:4).  Second, because parents are the best at it.  No Sunday school teacher or youth minister can teach your kids about Jesus as effectively as you.  Parents are the key to reaching the next generation.

What does it mean to “disciple” your kids?  To disciple is to make someone into a disciple.  We want to see parents teaching their kids to become fully-devoted followers of Jesus.

To be even more specific, we want to see parents (preferably the father) sitting down with their kids several times a week for a time of Bible reading and prayer.

If your kids are very little, then start by reading a Bible storybook, and then talk about it, and then pray together.  As the kids get older, you can actually start reading the Bible together (read the Bible, discuss it, and then pray).  At times, you may want to break away from the Bible to read an important Christian book together; that can be productive as well.

If you want, you can incorporate a couple of other elements into your “Bible Time” together.  Here’s how Pastor Andy does Bible Time with his kids.  Three nights a week, they sit down after supper for “Bible Time” and do the following:

  1. Review the catechism (three to five questions a night).  To learn more about how to use a catechism to disciple your kids, check out my blog post “How to Catechize Your Children.”
  2. Sing a song together.
  3. Read.  They usually read a chapter from the Bible, but sometimes they will read an important Christian book together.
  4. Discuss.  Talk about what they have read.
  5. Pray.  Take prayer requests and pray together.

Essential Reading for Parents (from Pastor Andy’s Blog)

Essential Sermons for Parents:

Essential Books for Parents:

  • Home Discipleship Catechism, by Andy Manning.  The Home Discipleship Catechism is a resource written by Pastor Andy Manning to equip parents to disciple their kids in the home. It contains a catechism of 51 questions and answers, and then 51 chapters explaining each question in greater detail. Each chapter has Discussion Questions and references For Further Study.
  • Raising Kids of Christlike Character, by Andy Manning.  Teach your kids Christlike character.  Each chapter begins with a short Bible story, then an explanation of a Christian virtue, and concludes with discussion questions.  Great for use in family devotions.
  • Family-Driven Faith, by Voddie Baucham Jr.  A helpful book about parenting, with two chapters about family-integrated church.
  • Family Worship, by Donald S. Whitney.  Gathering together for worship is an indispensable part of your family’s spiritual life that lets God reveal himself in a powerful way! Whitney’s practical guide reviews examples of family worship in the Bible and throughout church history; explains essential elements, including Scripture reading, prayer, and singing.

Resources for Bible Time

For Bible Time With Little Ones (2-5)
For Bible Time With Big Kids (5-12)
  • Home Discipleship Catechism, by Andy Manning.
  • Leading Little Ones To God, by Marian Schoolland.  This book is a great tool to use in home discipleship.  Every day’s reading teaches an important doctrine and illustrates it with a major Bible story.  Recommended age:  4-10.
  • Classic Bible Storybook, by Kenneth N. Taylor.  120 Bible stories present the truths of the Bible in language that is understandable to kids.  Each story has 3 or 4 comprehension questions to help children’s understanding of Biblical concepts.
For Bible Time With Teens (13 and up)