Equipping Parents

How To Teach Your Child Social Skills

Most parents haven’t taken the time to think through the meaning and definition of social skills, and even worse, they are clueless about how to teach them to their kids.  Our primary passions at Church Acadiana are reaching the lost and equipping parents to reach the next generation.  Don’t miss this important message that will give you some essential tools for the task of parenting.

Doing Church With Your Kids

At Church Acadiana we exhort and equip parents to disciple their kids in the home, and then enable them to do church with their kids as a shared experience.  Discover why we MUST do something different if we are serious about reaching the next generation… What your kids need more than good Christian friends… Why parents are the key to reaching the next generation… 2 powerful benefits of doing church WITH your kids… And much more!

Your Kids For Christ For Life

Learn how to lead your kids to have a life-long relationship with Christ… Discover 3 essential parenting lessons from Deuteronomy 6… Church Acadiana’s strategy for reaching the next generation… Why our approach is so different… And much more!  Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or will likely have kids in the future, this series will change the way you look at parenting and the church forever.