Sermons on Adversity

Growing in Endurance

Series: Make Every Effort (2 Peter) — Week 9. Text: 2 Peter 1:5-7. Discover 18 ways not to respond to adversity… The meaning of endurance… 6 ways you need to endure… 5 ways to cultivate endurance… And much more! Resources: Discussion Guide Sermon Manuscript

What to Expect When You Give Your Life to Christ — Part 2

Last Sunday we learned that unmet expectations lead to disappointment, and then to conflict. This is true for your relationships with people, and it is true for your relationship with God. If you expect what God has not promised, then you will be disappointed and rebel against God when He lets you down. In this sermon we conclude this two-part study on five things that we can expect from the Christian life. Resources: Sermon Manuscript Worship Guide