Sermons on Abortion

Saving the Unborn

Learn the history of abortion in America… The current state of abortion in America… The biblical view of the unborn… And much more!

The Sixth Commandment

The sixth commandment may be the most interesting of all. The first person ever to be born on earth committed murder. The three most popular heroes in the Bible were guilty of murder – Moses, David, and Paul. Murder is the best-known command. Murder is the one command that everyone agrees with. God used the sin of murder to redeem the human race. Murder is the one sin that probably nobody in our church has violated. At the same time,…

Protecting the Unborn

Discover how to make the case for life, what Christians should do about the problem of abortion, and how you can get involved.   Resources: Sermon Manuscript Worship Guide  

Vote: It’s a Matter of Life and Death

Discover 3 reasons the church needs to talk about politics… 4 reasons Christians must vote… Why this presidential election is so important… Why it makes perfect sense to be a one-issue voter… And more!

What Should Christians do About Abortion?

Since Roe v. Wade in 1973, 56 million preborn children have been killed by abortion.  Christians can no longer be silent and inactive.  We must act now.  Discover why you need to fight for the preborn and what you can do do help.