Sermons on Apologetics

Stand Firm Against Mormonism

Learn the history of Mormonism… The danger of Mormonism… The Mormon concept of God, Jesus Christ, the Bible and Authority, Mankind, and Salvation, and how it differs from orthodox Christianity… Why Mormons are not true Christians… And much more!

Why do we Believe in Jesus?

Discover 5 truths we believe about Jesus… 3 reasons we believe in Jesus… 4 reasons for the Transfiguration… How Christ fulfilled the Old Testament… And much more! WHY DO WE BELIEVE IN JESUS? 2 Peter 1:16-19 By Andy Manning INTRODUCTION Why do we believe in Jesus? There are over 4,000 religions in the world. Why do we believe that Christianity is the right religion? 23.2% of the people in the world are Muslims, 15% are Hindus, 7.1% are Buddhists. That’s…

Stand Firm Against Evolution

Discover 5 ways to stand firm… The 3 major premises of Darwinian Evolution… 8 ways that the Bible and evolution contradict one another… 7 implications if evolution is true… 5 reasons to believe in creation not evolution. Resources: Discussion Guide Sermon Manuscript
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