Sermons on Law

The Law and the Christian

Discover why the law is binding on Christians today… The 3 kinds of laws… 4 reasons to obey the Ten Commandments… And 7 principles for interpreting the Ten Commandments. Series:  The Ten Commandments (Week 3). Speaker:  Andy Manning. Resources: Discussion Guide Worship Guide Sermon Manuscript

Must Christians Keep the Sabbath?

Are Christians obligated to keep the Sabbath today?….  How do we know which Old Testament laws are binding, and which are not?….  The purpose of the Sabbath… Two things the Sabbath teaches us about God… And two things it teaches us about ourselves… How to make the Sabbath a blessing rather than a burden… And much more!

How to Please God

Discover the meaning of all the rules in the Old Testament… The three parts of the law… How Jesus fulfilled the purposes of the law… And what that means for you in the 21st century… Which parts of the law you don’t have to obey… And why… How you can be more righteous than a Pharisee… How to interpret the Old Testament… Where to begin reading the Bible if you are a new believer… And much more!