Sermons on Character (Page 2)

Train Yourself to be Godly

Sadly, Christians are becoming more and more like the world.  This is causing two big problems.  We are failing to be the salt of the earth, preventing moral decay.  And we are failing to be the light of the world, helping people to see the truth about Christ. Discover the solution… 3 details about godliness… How to train for godliness… The benefits of godliness… And much more.

3 Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Spiritual Life

The quality of your life is entirely dependent upon the quality of your relationship with God.  There’s no doubt about it.  But there are 3 common mistakes that Christians make that hurt their walk with Christ, and therefore decrease their quality of life. Discover those three mistakes… Why Jesus isn’t in the insurance business… Why God wants you to grow… Why Jesus doesn’t want to “just be friends”… 6 Ways every Christian is called to serve God… 3 prayers you…

The Leadership Code (Part 2)

In the previous sermon we studied why character is the most important leadership qualification.  In this sermon we look at the leadership code found in 1 Timothy 3 — the 15 character qualities of a good leader.  Everything rises and falls on leadership… in the home, the church, the school, business, and politics.

The Leadership Code — Part 1

It’s no secret that everything rises and falls on leadership.  So how do we identify good leaders, and how do we become good leaders — at home, at church, at work, in the community?  One thing is certain:  It doesn’t take character to achieve big results.  Discover 4 reasons character is so essential to leadership… The most important leadership qualification… 15 qualities every leader needs to develop… The best definition of leadership… The leader’s priority… And much more!

Becoming A Person Of Your Word

Are you a person of your word?  You might be surprised to find out how rare a virtue faithfulness is these days.  Discover the meaning of faithfulness… What every leader hates… What every great basketball shooter understands… And why that matters in relationships… How to win with people… Five ways to develop faithfulness… And much more! 
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