Sermons on Commitment (Page 2)

3 Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Spiritual Life

The quality of your life is entirely dependent upon the quality of your relationship with God.  There’s no doubt about it.  But there are 3 common mistakes that Christians make that hurt their walk with Christ, and therefore decrease their quality of life. Discover those three mistakes… Why Jesus isn’t in the insurance business… Why God wants you to grow… Why Jesus doesn’t want to “just be friends”… 6 Ways every Christian is called to serve God… 3 prayers you…

Why Can’t I Be Baptized?

That’s a question that was actually asked by someone in the Bible.  And it’s a great question, because baptism is an important step — the first step — of Christian obedience after you decide to follow Jesus.  Discover the Biblical definition of baptism… The proper mode of baptism… The power of baptism… The reason to get baptized… And much more!

When Faith and Family Collide

God wants to be your priority, but He also wants your family to be a priority.  So what happens when these two priorities collide?  What do you do when your family is making it hard for you to follow Christ?  What do you do when your devotion to Christ is interfering with your devotion to family?  Discover why the worst thing you can do for your family is to put them first.

The Cost Of Discipleship

This is a special, stand-alone sermon by one of Pastor Andy’s favorite preachers in the world — Mark Driscoll.  Why did Jesus say you must hate your family in order to follow Him?…  What does it mean to bear your own cross?….  What does it mean to renounce all in order to follow Jesus?…  The difference between salvation and discipleship, and what they will cost you…  The reason so many Christians quit on Jesus, the church, and even their families……
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