Sermons on 1 Timothy

Overcoming the Dangers of Money

Discover the six dangers of money… How to avoid those dangers… The meaning of contentment… The 2 benefits of contentment… How to cultivate contentment… How contentment is like worry… And much more!

Christian Greed

As you read the Bible it becomes clear that God blesses godliness.  Many verses in the Bible promise prosperity to those who pursue godliness.  Unfortunately, many people have taken these verses out of context, leading to some big problems.  Pastor Andy calls it Christian Greed. Discover the meaning of Christian Greed, why it is a problem, how to recognize it in yourself, and how to avoid it.

How to Serve Christ at Work

We’re called to serve Christ 24/7, representing and glorifying Him in all we say and do.  And since we spend so much of our time at work, it’s essential that we learn how to serve Christ at work.

4 Things the Church Needs

This month is the 10-year anniversary of Church Acadiana.  We had our first meeting in a living room in Youngsville in June 2005.  So it is only fitting this month that we think about what we need to do to keep growing healthier and more fruitful as a church.

Serving God in Your Youth

Our society is confused about youth.  It places a high value on children, but it doesn’t respect children.  It values children for the contribution they will make in the future, but it doesn’t respect young people for the contribution they can make today.  Sadly that mindset has crept into the church. But God has a different perspective on youth.  He wants young people to serve Him right now, not some time in the future.  Discover several young heroes of the…

A Case Against Unconditional Election

Ideas have consequences, and if you believe the wrong thing about God, it will lead to wrong behavior.  Many Christians hold a belief about salvation that is harmful to their relationship with God and with other people.  This belief is called Unconditional Election, and it is part of a larger system of theology called Calvinism. This Sunday discover the meaning of Unconditional Election… The Five Points of Calvinism… The difference between Calvinism and Arminianism… The danger of Unconditional Election… Does…

Train Yourself to be Godly

Sadly, Christians are becoming more and more like the world.  This is causing two big problems.  We are failing to be the salt of the earth, preventing moral decay.  And we are failing to be the light of the world, helping people to see the truth about Christ. Discover the solution… 3 details about godliness… How to train for godliness… The benefits of godliness… And much more.

The Right Use of Creation

The question before us is how do we glorify God through the physical pleasures of His creation?  Historically, Christians have made two mistakes:  Creation worship, and creation rejection.  Some seek happiness and fulfillment through creation, and some believe that the only way to please God is to reject any form of physical pleasure.  This sermon studies a Biblical response to both of these errors and discovers a third option that will lead to our joy and God’s glory.

The Truth About Jesus

The most important thing about you is what you believe.  The most important thing you believe is what you believe about God.  And your most important beliefs about God are what you believe about Jesus.  In this sermon discover 5 important truths to believe about Jesus.

The High Priority of the Church

Let’s be honest.  We live in an uncommitted culture.  Most people aren’t committed to their own health, much less the health of the church.  Most people only have one priority — themselves.  But followers of Jesus have been called to a different set of values.  And one of those values is the church.  Discover 5 reasons the church should be a high priority in your life— 4 commands that can only be obeyed if you are involved in church… The…

The Leadership Code (Part 2)

In the previous sermon we studied why character is the most important leadership qualification.  In this sermon we look at the leadership code found in 1 Timothy 3 — the 15 character qualities of a good leader.  Everything rises and falls on leadership… in the home, the church, the school, business, and politics.

The Leadership Code — Part 1

It’s no secret that everything rises and falls on leadership.  So how do we identify good leaders, and how do we become good leaders — at home, at church, at work, in the community?  One thing is certain:  It doesn’t take character to achieve big results.  Discover 4 reasons character is so essential to leadership… The most important leadership qualification… 15 qualities every leader needs to develop… The best definition of leadership… The leader’s priority… And much more!