Sermons on 2 Peter

Growing in Endurance

Series: Make Every Effort (2 Peter) — Week 9. Text: 2 Peter 1:5-7. Discover 18 ways not to respond to adversity… The meaning of endurance… 6 ways you need to endure… 5 ways to cultivate endurance… And much more! Resources: Discussion Guide Sermon Manuscript

Growing in Goodness

The virtue of goodness is stressed throughout the Bible. Christians are commanded to be rich in good works, eager to do good works, ready to do good works, and devoted to good works. But cultivating goodness is not easy. It demands Bible Study, moral purity, and self-lessness. Discover the essentials about how to grow in goodness. Resources Discussion Guide Sermon Manuscript

You Were Saved to Serve

Discover your purpose in life… What it means to serve Jesus… 4 aspects of the mission of Jesus… 4 ways to get started with serving Jesus… And much more! Resources: Sermon Manuscript Worship Guide