Last Letter

How to Face Death

Discover 5 keys to face death faithfully… How to die without regret… How to face death without bitterness… How to serve Christ until your last breath… And much more.

Helping the Persecuted

It’s hard to believe, but we are living in a time when helping the persecuted isn’t merely about sending our money overseas.  Christians are now facing persecution in our own country.  What should we do when someone in our church faces persecution?  How should we react?  This sermon will provide the insight and inspiration we need to prepare ourselves for what seems like the inevitable.

Hold On To Truth

God has a purpose for each of us individually, and for us as a church, and the only way that we can fulfill that purpose is if we hold on to the truth.  But the truth is not easy to hold on to, especially when the culture around us is trying its hardest to rip it from our hands. Listen to take a look at seven truths to hold on to… Seven truths that our culture refuses to tolerate.

How To Serve God in a Hostile Culture

Our culture is becoming increasingly hostile toward committed Christians, which means it is becoming more and more costly to follow Christ.  We no longer have home-field advantage.  How do we serve God in this environment?  Do we retreat?  Do we go into hiding?  Listen to discover how to respond when the hostility of culture bangs on your door.