Sermons on Eternity

What Happens When You Die?

Discover the three great events that will happen to you after you die… The meaning of the intermediate state, soul-sleep, and soul-extinction… What will happen at the resurrection?… What will life be like in heaven?… And much more.

How to Face Death

Discover 5 keys to face death faithfully… How to die without regret… How to face death without bitterness… How to serve Christ until your last breath… And much more.

A Warning From Jesus

A warning is something that we give to the people we love to protect them from danger.  This sermon looks at a verse in which Jesus gives us two warnings.  He said, “Watch out!  Beware!” When the all-knowing, all-loving Savior warns us twice in one sentence, we better listen.

What the Bible Really Says About the End Times

Discover 4 Bible basics about the end times… 3 details about the second coming… The time of the second coming… The signs of the times… The Antichrist… 5 events that will accompany Christ’s return… and much more!

The Tale of Two Paths

Everyone is on one of two paths — the path of life, or the path of death.  If you are on the path of life, then you are headed for life in abundance.  If you are on the path of death, then you are headed for emptiness, regret, and destruction.  Listen to discover which path you are on, and learn how to find the right path.

How To Multiply Your Money

You can make as much money as possible and hoard it.  Or you can spend it on selfish pleasures.  Or you can choose option number 3, which is what this sermon is about.  In Matthew 6:19-24, Jesus teaches a way to invest your money and possessions now in order to store up eternal riches in heaven — riches that will be far greater and will never run out!  Find out what it means to store up treasures in heaven… What…