Sermons on Homosexuality

God is Not Okay With Gay

June is gay pride month, and everyone seems on board. But there’s at least one person who is not okay with gay, and that is God. And if God is not okay with gay, then we shouldn’t be either. Discover what the Bible really says about homosexuality and how Christians should handle one of the most controversial issues of our time. GOD IS NOT OKAY WITH GAY By Andy Manning June 2019 June is Gay Pride Month all over the…

Stand Firm Against Sexual Liberation

Times have sure changed. What used to be bad is now good, and what used to be good is now bad. Take everything you thought you knew about sex and gender and throw it out the window. There are no more rules, no more standards, and no more morals. Anything goes. The only thing that’s not allowed is the traditional Christian view of sex and gender. How can we stand firm on God’s word in this strange new world of…

The Land of the Free

Discover the nature of religious freedom, the enemy’s strategy against us, and what we need to do to protect religious freedom — not just for ourselves, but for our children and future generations of Christians.

Is Homosexuality a Sin?

Discover 4 reasons the church MUST talk about it… Where to find several of the major verses in the Bible on homosexuality… What God thinks about it… How to answer the 3 most common objections to the traditional viewpoint on marriage and sexuality… And much more!

What’s The Big Deal About Homosexuality?

Listen to one of Pastor Andy’s favorite preachers, Perry Noble, preach on the highly controversial topic of homosexuality and gay marriage.  Discover 3 things you need to know if you struggle with feelings of same-sex attraction… What the Bible says about gay people going to heaven… How the Bible is a mirror and not a window… Why we follow Jesus… And what He said about homosexuality… The Box… 3 arguments for homosexuality… And how to offer a Biblical response… And…