Sermons on Quiet Time

Taking Care of Your Walk With God

What does the Bible say about taking care of yourself?… Why take care of yourself?… How to take care of your walk with God… The reasons for a daily quiet time… How to have a daily quiet time… And much more!

How to Stay Close to God

Learn the key to spiritual growth… 3 ways to stay close to God… The biggest obstacle to spiritual disciplines… 2 unrealistic expectations that people have about spiritual growth… And much more.

Loving God

Discover what it truly means to love God, and how to do it in your daily life.

Facing the Impossible

One thing that Christians and non-Christians have in common is adversity.  We all face impossible situations, tasks, challenges, and responsibilities at times.  But the way we respond is different — much different. Listen to discover why God allows Christians to go through impossible situations, and six ways we need to respond so that God can get the most good out of our struggles.

Serving God in Your Youth

Our society is confused about youth.  It places a high value on children, but it doesn’t respect children.  It values children for the contribution they will make in the future, but it doesn’t respect young people for the contribution they can make today.  Sadly that mindset has crept into the church. But God has a different perspective on youth.  He wants young people to serve Him right now, not some time in the future.  Discover several young heroes of the…

Train Yourself to be Godly

Sadly, Christians are becoming more and more like the world.  This is causing two big problems.  We are failing to be the salt of the earth, preventing moral decay.  And we are failing to be the light of the world, helping people to see the truth about Christ. Discover the solution… 3 details about godliness… How to train for godliness… The benefits of godliness… And much more.

How To Make The Most Of Your Time

Think about Jesus.  He only lived 33 years, yet He accomplished more than any other person in history.  Discover the reason Jesus got so much done in such a limited amount of time… The two letter word that is essential to effective time-management… Why so many people feel stressed out and overwhelmed… One thing you can do daily to radically improve your time-management… 2 reasons people waste their time… Why most people have more to do than time to do…

Prayer University

6 ways to excel in prayer… 4 Keys to an effective prayer life… How to make sure you pray as much as you should… A secret about your pastor that might cause you to lose respect for him… The true meaning of prayer… The four primary elements of prayer… The purpose of prayer… The secret to focused prayer… And much more!