Sermons on Service

You Were Saved to Serve

Discover your purpose in life… What it means to serve Jesus… 4 aspects of the mission of Jesus… 4 ways to get started with serving Jesus… And much more! Resources: Sermon Manuscript Worship Guide

Becoming a Great Servant

Discover how to be great in God’s eyes… An easy-to-understand definition of servanthood… 3 statements to help you become a great servant… The essence of Christlike character… And an simple exercise to help you better serve the people in your life.

How to Serve Christ at Work

We’re called to serve Christ 24/7, representing and glorifying Him in all we say and do.  And since we spend so much of our time at work, it’s essential that we learn how to serve Christ at work.

Selfish or Service: 3 Steps to Start Serving God

The world is facing some pretty big problems today.  With so much pain and suffering it’s natural to ask, “Does God see what’s on on down here?  If so, why doesn’t He do something about it?”  Discover God’s plan for solving the world’s problems, and your part in that plan… 3 myths about serving God… 5 ways every Christian is called to serve God… 3 steps to start serving God… And much more!

Obedience Before Significance

You don’t want to waste your life.  And the good news is that God wants to use you for a significant purpose; He has a plan of impact and meaning just for you.  But most people never realize this plan; they get to the end of their lives and look back with emptiness and regret.  Learn from the life of Jesus’ mother how to be used by God in a significant way… How to prepare for your special assignment from…