The Gospel of Mark

How to Share Jesus Without Fear

Learn how to move the conversation from non-spiritual to spiritual matters, an easy to remember gospel presentation, as well as a three-step process for leading someone to Christ.   Resources: Worship Guide Discussion Guide

3 Ways to Love Jesus

Learn how to develop your love for God by studying the example of a man named Joseph.  His love for God is both inspiring and instructive.   Resources: Worship Guide Discussion Guide

Jesus Finally Reveals His True Identity

Throughout the Gospel of Mark it is clear to the reader that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God.  But Jesus never openly declares His identity.  It is more or less implied by Jesus, and then acknowledged by others.  Finally Jesus lets the cat out of the bag.  The question is, “Should we believe Him?”   Resources: Worship Guide Discussion Guide

Understanding the Lord’s Supper

Learn three facts about the Lord’s Supper… Four main views of the Lord’s Supper… And five principles about the meaning of the Lord’s Supper.   Resources: Discussion Guide Worship Guide

Generosity Encouragement

Discover three reasons God wants you to be generous, 3 reasons the widow’s story is amazing, and 5 lessons on generosity that we can learn from the widow’s example.